Services & Pricing

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Phone Consultation

We conduct a free 15-minute phone consultation. During that call, we will ask you about the layout of your home and answer any questions you may have prior to booking the first session

In-Home Consultation

If you prefer an in-home consultation, we would be happy to do that. We will do a complete walkthrough of your home, discuss your needs and concerns and create a customized tidying plan. The in-home consultation will be one hour in length.

$50 for the in-home consultation.

If you book a single tidying session or package at the consultation, we will apply the $50 to your first purchase.

First Session

At the first session, we will sit down and complete a short interview. We will ask you questions about your goals and get a feel for your vision for the space. We will do a complete walkthrough and take note of all of the storage space you have. We will take "before" photos with your permission. We will begin with the first category of the method: Clothing. 

Future sessions

In subsequent sessions, we will meet to work on the other categories of your home in the KonMari Method™ order: Books, Paper, Komono (Miscellaneous) and Sentimental. Some categories will be completed in one session and others, such as Komono, may take a few sessions to complete based on the number of items in the home. 



Prices for Sessions

Sessions are five hours in length unless we have agreed upon a different length of time in advance.

Sessions can be purchased one at a time or in a package. 

Payment for sessions are due at the time of booking. We accept Credit Cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover & American Express), Zelle or Venmo for payments. We will also accept cash or check. 

Single Session

$300 for a single session (5 hours) 

Three Sessions

$875 for three sessions (5 hours each) 

Five Sessions

$1450 for five sessions (5 hours each)

Ten Sessions

$2900 for ten sessions (5 hour each)

Travel FEe

$50 Travel Fee if your home is more than one hour away from zip code 08108


“The best way to find out what we really need is to get rid of what we don’t.”
— Marie Kondo