Happy Clients


Tidying makes shopping easier and my days are more open. I'm able to meet friends for coffee and take more yoga classes. I spend time taking my kids out for experiences rather than worry about the clutter at home. 

-Mom of two

After Tidying, I had a huge sense of accomplishment. I felt physically lighter. The rooms felt brighter and the air felt a little fresher. 

-Office Manager


Working with Erin was amazing. My house was at the point where it looked neat on the surface but every closet and drawer was a disaster. We had too much stuff and it was overwhelming. Erin walked me through the KonMari process and it has been life changing. My house is organized and truly gives me joy.





 To spark JOY in your life - HIRE ERIN TODAY! Complete the KonMari method with a PRO. It is one of the MOST POSITIVE, LIFE-CHANGING investments I have made to date.

I know...

You don't have TIME to declutter...

You think you know how to purge things because you make a few trips to Goodwill a year...

You are the neat one - it's your family who are the messy ones!

STOP, STOP, STOP wasting time and energy making excuses!

Sign up for AT LEAST three sessions and do the fifteen hours of work that, I PROMISE, will spark JOY in your everyday life.

Erin is an amazing person and with her professional support, I did the work and now JOY is waking up and going to bed in a clean, organized, clutter-free home. JOY is also the ability to tidy up EFFORTLESSLY after a stressful work day or a long business trip. Bottom line, JOY is my overwhelming appreciation for Erin coaching me through the KonMari method and helping me transform in the process!!!

-Collegiate Coach

She does a great job! She has helped me soooo much. Erin is very easy to work with.

-Retired Nurse & Mother of four